Nowadays science and technology have a great role in the development of countries. This needs wisdom and understanding that are attained through knowledge. This knowledge is obtained just by developing science, disseminating information, improving the culture of the society and pushing the borders of science to the limit. The most significant role of the universities throughout the world is developing and advancing societies.

With this approach, Islamic Azad University, which is one of the valuable offsprings of the Islamic Revolution, was established due to the foresights and tact of some authorities and the precious assistance of Late Imam Khomeini. Considering the statements of the Supreme Leader, Islamic Republic of Iran must play a pivotal role in the region and the world and this will not be accomplished without universities. It is clear that universities will have a key role in developing technology in the country.

In this regard Islamic Azad University, Najafabad Branch is doing its best to train committed and specialized human workforce and use the available opportunities. Compared to other universities, this university is a young and developing one in the country. Fortunately it has established its valuable position as a pioneer scientific organization in modern sciences and technologies, and it is also admired as a center that strives to make the Iranian generations’ dream come true. The main purpose of this university is providing a dynamic and scientific environment for those who discover the realities of scientific facts and try to reveal it to others.


Introducing the University

Islamic Azad University, Najafabad Branch was established in January, 1985 with the aim of training professionals needed for high scientific positions. This university boasts of 29 years of service educating 26000 university students in 180 different majors in B.A., M.A., Ph.D. programs. It has been able to train 73793 graduates including 1340 Ph.D. and 6500 M.A. graduates. The total number of the full-time, part-time and adjunct professors in this university is above 1500. With over twenty five years of service, this university is now one of the most prominent centers in the province and one of the most distinguished ones in higher education in the country, and with its precise and professional management in a 20-year strategic framework in different research, scientific, cultural and educational fields, it has gained a lot of domestic and foreign recognition, amongst which one can refer to gaining the Gold Medal of Quality Management in the Century based on the QC100 standard from the BID International Institute in Madrid, Spain in 2013 with 118 countries voting for it. This university was appointed as a comprehensive university with the total score of 5458.47.


Infrastructures and Facilities of the University

- A campus of 12778477 square meters

- The total construction area of 1000000 square meters

- The total administrative and educational area of 317000 square meters

- The total under-construction area of 71500 square meters including a 200-bed hospital

- The total green space of 606643 square meters

- The total gardening and agricultural area of 9094707 square meters

- The first rank in having the most land and building possession in the country

- The ratio of 1 student to 16 square meters of educational space (the standard ratio is 1-12 square meters)

- 17 sports complexes with the total area of 65000 square meters in the following fields: Body building - Karate - Gymnastics - Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling - Futsal - Basketball - Volleyball - Ping pong - Zurkhaneh (Traditional Persian sports center) - Chess - Handball - Badminton - Fitness program - Judo - Taekwondo - Indoor swimming pool (with wet and dry sauna and Jacuzzi) - indoor and outdoor fields for: Soccer - Track and field - Basketball - Volleyball and Futsal

- 9 dormitories for male and female students (4 and 5, respectively) with the total area of 31831 square meters

- 5 mosques with the total area of 4000 square meters

- 8 meeting and conference halls seating 5000 people

- 11 faculties with the total area of 86230 square meters

- The largestacademic library in Iran that is more than 35000 meters in 8 floors

- A five-story hospital located in Isfahan with the total area of 2337 square meters

- 180 university majors in B.A., M.A., Ph.D. programs.

- 73793 alumni in B.A., M.A., Ph.D. programs.

- 1500 full-time, part-time and paid scientific board members

- 50 active educational faculties

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