Language Teaching Center

     The major mission of the Language Teaching Center is to prepare the university students to have anacceptable foreign language mastery, enhance their academic capabilities and enable them to live, work, study, and research inEnglish-speaking countries. Nowadays, not only do students need to be able to initiate interactions with individuals having different cultures but also being engaged with them on issues of mutual concern.


     To achieve these significant goals, an attempt has been made in the Language Teaching Center to be basically proficiency-oriented and standard-based. Proficiency orientation here refers to emphasizing doing and acting rather than knowing. The major concern is to make sure that students learn to speak, listen, read, and write in ways that are immediately useful in a real world setting. Based on theory and research findings, this orientation is adaptive, compensatory, and developmental, not additive. Standard-based refers to the National Standards of Foreign Language Learning that attend not only to linguistic dimensions, but also to connections that learners make between languages, cultures, and various academic areas; comparisons between languages and cultures; and knowledge of communities that speak a particular language. Our programs are attentive to the pragmatics of each language and culture and respectful of the relationship between genre and function. Language Teaching Center, which was established in 2015, has become one of the main contenders in the development of language learning in Iran trying to gain a national reputation for teaching excellence. Trying to adopt the most effective instructional methods and materials, we are currently one of the best service providers in this field located at Islamic Azad University, Najafabad Branch.


Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced speaker, our courses will assist in developing the skills necessary to get to the next level of proficiency.Since its foundation, LTC has established itself as a highly professional service provider in the field of language learning and teaching. Our dedicated staff and experienced teachers work very hard to give our students an academic, cultural and social experience to remember.


We suggest that you embark on this joyful journey with us because of our:


             Dynamic, dedicated and enthusiastic teaching staff


             Dedicated and caring administration personnel who have a genuine interest in helping &supporting the students


             Range of flexible course options with limited numbers of students in each class based on syllabus requirements to provide ample interaction opportunity for each student


             Exciting, fast-paced and learner-centered lessons


             Convenient locations in university and other places


             Constant development and progress in all aspects within our branches


             Modern teaching centers equipped with the latest educational resources and technology


             Regular quality control observations and teacher and course development programs to ensure high-quality service delivery


             Easy access to in-branch bookstores facilitating access to resource material


             Annually programmed mid-term and final exams simultaneously held in center


             Quick and easy web access to exam results


             Use of a rich variety of teaching resources helping learners to utilize all language aspects


             Employment opportunities for graduates


             50% registration discount for top students          


             SpecializedIELTS and TOEFL centers with professional IELTS& TOEFL instructors

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