The Faculty of Nursing and midwifery (FNM) is an integral part of the Islamic Azad University, Najafabad Branch, Isfahan , Iran that is established in 1991. FNM is one of the oldest schools in Azad universities in nursing education. The school's mission is to provide leadership to improve health care and to advance the art and science of nursing and midwifery profession in the scholarly domains of education, practice, research, and service.


FNM, IAU Najafabad Branch believes that active participation of the students in the learning process leads to better understanding of concepts, reinforces retention of knowledge and builds the foundation for life-long professional learning.


Lead the nation and influence the world through the impact of research, educational programs and practice innovations on health.


Nurses and midwives with specialist services and extensive prevention to rehabilitation play a major role in the health system. Therefore investments in the two groups have the economic and social impacts on health society. FNM plans for maintaining healthy communities in four dimensions: 1) improve the quality and quantity of education, 2) improving the quality and quantity of research, 3) human resources development and training, 4) assessment of compliance with professional ethics and 5) enhance the country's standing in international universities.


FNM committed itself to receive these aspects:

1) scientific development by attracting talented and qualified faculty.
2) scientific environment for teachers and students to foster the growth of brain drain contact and all scientific activities and research (writings, inventions, discoveries, etc.)

3) communications with scientific research organizations like WHO, universities, national and international level.
4) coordination of the education based on national and regional services and increase the satisfaction of the community taught by the faculty.

5) enhance the scientific level over the faculty members and graduate students,
6) increase in all aspects of education and research both quantitative and qualitative.

Ideal goals:

1) provide, maintain and improve the quality of education.
2) provide, maintain and improve research quality.
3) provide, maintain and promote community-based nursing education.
4) provide, maintain and promote community-based midwifery education.
4) contributes to improving regional health indicators.
5) to improve provincial health indicators.
6) Contribute to the improvement of health.

Goals :
1) improve the quality and quantity of education in the FNM graduates to raise the level of knowledge and efficiency to the needs of society, which ultimately lead to public health.
2) continuous improvement of processes and the monitoring and evaluation of teaching and research.
3) optimization and reorganization of the structure and organization of FNM

4) accreditation and standardization of components in order to maintain and improve FNM ranking.

5) efforts and planning for the development of nursing and midwifery.
6) seeking to establish graduate programs in nursing and midwifery groups.
7) prepare a comprehensive strategic plan for FNM.


All staff and faculty and students of the school with a common goal to be considered as members of a family can advance goals of Islamic Azad University- Najafabad branch.

This system works through communication, consultation and surveys of owners and solve its problems with the cooperation of internal and external commands.
Maintaining respect for human dignity, personal beliefs, religious and cultural values will be considered by faculty, staff and students so that consent is sought.

 Statement Of Aspiration

Our environment and activities are engaging for faculty and students and draw the best from each of us.

Social Responsibility

Cooperation with charity Diabetes Association Jinan

Cooperation with charity hospital Hojatieh

Market charity helping children with cancer


As globalization brings about rapid change in all aspects of research and development, international competition and collaboration have become high-priority items on the agenda of most universities around the world. In this climate of competition and collaboration, ranking universities in terms of their performance has become significantly important.

In globalization process, all universities need to know where they stand among other universities, so that they can evaluate their current academic performance. Several ranking systems have been proposed since 2003, including ARWU-Jiao Tong (China), Leiden (The Netherlands), TIMES (United Kingdom), and Webometrics (Spain) which rank universities worldwide based on various criteria. The use of bibliometric data obtained from open-access and credible information resources such as the ISI (Information Sciences Institute) and Google Scholar has contributed to the objectivity of these ranking systems. Najafabad Branch - Azad University is one of the most distinguished azad universities of Iran that ranks first to third among azad universities in country.

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