Research Division

The research division of Islamic Azad University, Najafabad Branch has tried its best to centralize research on producing and developing science and strives to support scholars and scientists with the aim of organizing research works of the faculty board members and university students. Providing software and hardware infrastructures and optimum situations for the students to access the research and laboratory facilities, financial and intellectual support of the students and researchers have placed this university in a valuable position in the country, which have led to many domestic and foreign achievements, which were previously mentioned.


The research division is composed of the following sections:

- The general director of research affairs

- Information technology management

- Planning and programming management

- Management of relations with industries and society

- Publication management

- The office of workshops and laboratories management

- Technology Park

- The office of library affairs

- The office of Young Researchers Club

- The office of thesis/dissertation affairs

- The office of university journals


The research and scientific journals of the university:

- The Journal of Smart Methods in Electronics Industries

- The Journal of Material Engineering Faculty: Journal of Advanced Materials and Processing

- The Journal of Geography and Environmental Studies

- The Journal of New Processes of Manufacturing

- The Journal of Dorre Dari

- International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching and Research

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