Labs and Workshops

Specialised activities are performed in the class room or dedicated rooms such as labs or workshops.Students have access to the workshops, laboratories and collections associated with the discipline, for which they have been admitted.  Security is a high priority, and several workshops and laboratories require in-depth training courses to ensure that both technique and craft are as they should be.For example AMRC provides a comprehensive range of metallurgical and mechanical testing services. Test specimens are prepared for metallic and non-metallic materials in the evaluation of tensile, compression, impact, weldability, fatigue and bend properties. Tests are conducted as per ASTM, BS, IS, DIN, NACE or client specified standards.

Impact Testing, ASTM E23 and IS/ BS Standard

The impact test is a method for evaluating the toughness and notch sensitivity of engineering materials. It is usually used to test the toughness of metals, but similar tests are used for polymers, ceramics and composites. Metal industry sectors include Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Power Generation, Automotive, and Nuclear.


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