Metallography Lab

The purpose of the metallography is to prepare any material in such a way that the microstructure can be analyzed. At the Advanced Materials Research Center, light microscopy as well as scanning electron microscopy is used to deal with questions concerning microstructure and analytical issues. Effective sample preparation establishes the basis for further micro structural work. For this purpose, a well-equipped metallographic laboratory is available. Samples for light optical microscopy can be processed further by chemical etching.

At AMRC, the necessary procedures are maintained at high level, especially for metal matrix composites and ceramic matrix composites. Furthermore, preparation procedures for new materials are developed or improved. For the accomplishment of these tasks, various cut-off- and mounting presses as well as possibilities for chemical etching are available. As continuous control by light microscopy is necessary during the preparation processes, light-optical microscopic facilities are integrated into the metallographic laboratory

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